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What is Online Dekho ?

Online Dekho is an online platform providing hyperlocal delivery services. Through its app-based platforms, users can book on-demand pickup and deliveries of Daily Needs Services like Cleaning, Pest Control, Repairing, Newspaper, Water Supply,groceries, food, beverages and kitchen supplies, staples and household items, Medicine, fruits &Vegetable, Dairy Products ,Fresh Meat,Beauty Products, Cake and chocolates, Flower Bouquet and many more from your favourite market and shops. Online Dekho platform is a medium to connect local shops and services provider to their customers online. And through app shops and services providers able to multiply their customers as well as customers get variety of products and services within 20-30 minutes.

Online Dekho Platforms

Online Dekho App

India’s 1st Hyperlocal Delivery App - Your Market in Your Pocket

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Online Dekho Vendor App

India’s 1st Hyperlocal e-Commerce Business App - Your business in Your Pocket.

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Online Dekho Delivery App

Start Delivering Happiness and Enjoy

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We care of consumer

Online Dekho works on consumer desire. We believe in best quality at best price.
Online Dekho self check all varieties of products &services in market and provide best quality at best price with 100% guarantees.

We care of our Business &Service partner

Online Dekho regular check quality &ensure our partner to become lifelong partner. We provide training to our partners. We works on low margin but large number of sales which create enough success.
Online Dekho also care of our partner which is economic weak & we work with them to improve their skills. We are working with many service partner Sweeper,Ragman etc which is economic weak.

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We care of Environment

Online Dekho is very stern with all environment policies. Online Dekho do not use less than 50 microns plastic. Online Dekho try to maintain our ecosystem, Online Dekho use e-bicycle, bicycle ,e-bike to delivery of products &services. Online Dekho try to reduce pollution occurs due to burning of non biodegradable fuels.

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